Get Started

Get Started


  • 100% Type-safe: Locales in TS or JSON, type-safe t() & scopedT(), type-safe params, type-safe plurals, type-safe changeLocale()...
  • Small: No dependencies, lazy-loaded
  • Simple: No Webpack configuration, no CLI, no code generation, just pure TypeScript
  • Server and Client, Static Rendering: Lazy-load server and client-side, support for Static Rendering
  • App or Pages Router: With support for React Server Components

Try it live on CodeSandbox:

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pnpm install next-international

TypeScript config

Make sure that strict is set to true in your tsconfig.json. This will allow next-international to provide the best in-class developer experience.


next-international supports both the App Router and Pages Router of Next.js. The APIs are very similar, but each have small specificities. Follow the one you're using:

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